Contact and Business info

Mary Beth Jarrosak, Master Gardener —  Garden Maintenance.

  Tasks include:

  •  Spring and Fall clean up –  call now to schedule a 2017 spring clean up!  
  •  Light trimming, pruning and deadheading of shrubs and perennials
  •  Weeding
  •  Planting annuals, perennials and vegetables
  •  Creating, refreshing and re-potting containers and hanging baskets
  •  Fertilizing, composting and mulching
  •  Watering
  • Custom hanging baskets
  • Colorful custom containers

Rejuvenating Gardens and Creating New Beds

  •  Vegetable Gardens
  •  Pruning overgrown plants and shrubs
  •  Planting/transplanting shrubs and perennials
  •  Weeding overgrown beds
  •  Dividing perennials
  •  New bed prep and plant placement

Please email, texted or call me so we can talk about how I can help you with your garden.                    cell: 970.946.6044

2 Responses to Contact and Business info

  1. tom says:

    nice pics mb, bonita

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